Software and services solution that organizes your building’s information to build an energy efficiency plan in the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way.

Start your journey to energy savings with a free trial that includes free upload of your historical utility data by a trained REA rep.


Enhanced Client Database & Service Delivery Options!

Service contractors are continually working in buildings to maintain client equipment and have an incredible opportunity to deliver more advanced services, including energy efficiency consulting. The REA platform provides service contractors with immediate access to easy to use tools to get them started with offering energy insights to clients, while also building a pipeline of projects to grow business.



Stay ahead of competition by offering utility bill analysis and in depth energy consulting.


Ensure the client is happy with the energy savings results of your field work.


Build more advanced energy-focused maintenance programs to grow project sales.

Why REA Energy Dashboard for Service Contractors?

The role of a service contractor is to maintain equipment for their clients, and respond to high priority events when equipment suddenly fails. As energy efficiency becomes more popular with building owners, service contractors are looking for unique strategies to offer these services to their clients.

It makes perfect sense for a service contractor to offer energy efficiency consulting as they are already familiar with the client’s building and work with their equipment. 
How a service contractor accomplishes this becomes an interesting conversation. With no existing energy infrastructure in place, suddenly managing hundreds or thousands of energy consumption files becomes tricky.

The REA Energy Dashboard offers the solution by providing an accessible place to store clients data and deliver value-added energy advice immediately to clients.



More efficient method to capturing and updating equipment information.


Reduce costs of unplanned site visits with instant access to relevant equipment information.


Improved method to managing client assets for project delivery and client review meetings.

Why REA Equipment List for Service Contractors?

Service contractors typically have a database of their client information to properly track maintenance activities and client info to properly perform their work. Some companies have their own internal software to keep up with accounting and storing client information.

For those that haven’t undergone the digital transformation of their clients information, the REA Equipment List provides an unmatched solution for managing electronic equipment information. 

REA is a two-way solution, providing revolutionary tools for the service contractor (REA Mobile App particularly) while providing the client access to their own valuable information. By having transparency between the service contractor and client, you can form a trusted and continued relationship. Easy access to the client’s data also provides a great opportunity to discover and deliver a larger pipeline of projects.

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