Software and services solution that organizes your building’s information to build an energy efficiency plan in the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way.

Start your journey to energy savings with a free trial that includes free upload of your historical utility data by a trained REA rep.


Identify Efficiency Opportunities & Build a Retrofit Project Pipeline!

Provide your clients with an easy to use an interactive Energy Dashboard to improve communication of your analysis and keep an open dialogue of past and present energy consumption behaviour. Take advantage of the Equipment List to improve your own asset management techniques and build a strong pipeline of projects with your clients.



Automated cost analysis of utilities to understand typical costs and potential rate class fit.


Utilize free local utility data to analyze monthly, daily and hourly consumption profiles.


Find patterns in the various consumption profiles to identify areas of improvement. 

Why REA Energy Dashboard for Energy Managers?

One of the first steps in any energy managers job is to analyze and understand a building’s historic energy consumption. Analysis including energy consumption patterns, annual comparisons, energy benchmarking and cost analysis is all done in the REA platform.

A pain point fo energy managers is often from working with spreadsheet files to analyze data, which can be cumbersome to work with, especially when you manage many clients.

An energy manager’s deliverable has historically been outdated PDF reports, lacking interactive features for the client. Static reports also aren’t often updated, or become expensive to update with low ROI, so an energy manager’s work with a client may be a one time event with no future activity. With REA, your annual subscription with the client allows you to continually update the dashboard and offer ongoing insights.



More efficient method to capturing equipment info at client facilities. 


Optimal solution to managing energy consuming assets for your clients.

Increase Sales

Build a strong pipeline of retrofit projects by having immediate access client’s equipment.

Why REA Equipment List for Energy Managers?

A crucial role to any energy manager’s role is ensuring they have a deep knowledge of the equipment in the building to make actual change in energy consumption. Data from energy analytics software can be of high value, but if you aren’t knowledgable on the equipment in the building, you won’t be able to make actual change! As we know, buildings don’t consume any energy – the equipment does!

Energy managers also need an easy way to gather equipment information, which is why the REA Mobile App was developed to produce 90% time savings in gathering and creating equipment lists.

Finally, once an equipment list is created, energy managers need an efficient way to use it to ensure information is readily available for project work. The easy to use and access REA Equipment List also provides a great method to sharing your work with your clients.

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