Software and services solution that organizes your building’s information to build an energy efficiency plan in the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way.

Start your journey to energy savings with a free trial that includes free upload of your historical utility data by a trained REA rep.


Digitize Your Building’s Info to Reduce Operating & Maintenance Costs

REA provides an easy to use platform to improve the knowledge and decision making for buildings. The Energy Dashboard provides a method to track and understand energy costs. The Equipment List provides deeper insight into equipment information, while decreasing information loss, to improve maintenance and upgrade initiatives.



Validate the success of your energy efficiency projects and initiatives.


Track energy consumption across your portfolio of buildings.


Determine which buildings waste the most energy to prioritize improvements

Why REA Energy Dashboard for Building Managers?

managers are often responsible for taking care of and optimizing operating costs, including utility bills. Building managers may not be energy experts and require simplified access to visualize and understand costs associated with their buildings. The REA platforms offers an easy to use tool that requires not technical expertise to operate, allowing for energy data to be shared across multiple departments.

The energy dashboard can also be maintained by a trained REA rep, taking the burden off of the building manager to upload data and be fully responsible for energy initiatives.
By having the energy dashboard in place, your trusted energy advisors have immediate insight into your consumption data and can help perform more intricate analysis. Your advisor can also assist in verifying energy savings estimates claimed by external vendors.



Understand the equipment in your building portfolio with easy access to information.


Reduce maintenance and operations costs through improved planning.


Send detailed equipment info to contractors for quotes and evaluations. 

Why REA Equipment List for Building Managers?

Building managers must have a deep understanding of their buildings to effectively manage all operations, including energy consuming equipment, which is often not well documented or understood. The REA Equipment List provides an easy to use solution for organizing equipment info, including storing photos, general data, and electronic documentation. The accessible equipment information also makes it incredibly efficient to work with outside contractors.


REA subscribers also get access to trained REA reps that will provide further insight into the equipment information stored in your account, offering professional advice at an affordable rate. 

For building managers working for a condo board, you can ensure the board their data will always belong to them through the REA subscription, avoiding wasted time looking for information when required.

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